Everyone has a story, and I help brands tell theirs. 

My name is Alison Feldmann, and I’m a writer, editorial director and marketing executive with a 10-year track record of pioneering work at progressive brands. Championing ideas, culture and community is my passion, and I lead innovative marketing strategies that communicate and differentiate brands, build global audiences and drive businesses forward. As a leader, I find enormous satisfaction in growing and nurturing teams, as well as shaping exceptional stories. Learn more about my experience here. 

More on me: Not as serious as this bio makes me appear. 🙃 I'm obsessed with art, culture and design through history. I enjoy stacked Bloody Marys, dream of remodeling a rambling Victorian home, and spend my free time noodling around the Metropolitan Museum of Art (and jetting off to England anytime I can). My life can be summed up in George Costanza GIFs