Hello! My name is Alison, and I'm a writer and editor with ten years experience' in content development and editorial direction for progressive brands. 

As Etsy's Editorial Director, I think strategically about the stories Etsy tells as a brand, leading creative teams and programs that grow awareness, engagement, and community. Developing brand voice is my bread and butter, and I'm equally enthused about a snappy line of copy or a character-driven profile. I'm passionate about culture, design, art, home, entrepreneurship, and the power of storytelling, be it narrative, visual, or experiential. Check out my portfolio.

More on me: Not as serious as this bio makes me appear. 😎  I enjoy stacked Bloody Marys, playing armchair anthropologist (I love reading about the Victorian era), and noodling around New York's many museums. My life can be summed up in George Costanza GIFs