Skills and services

In addition to quoting Wayne's World with great accuracy, I know a thing or two about marketing, content and brand strategy. 

I have 11 years' experience leading the vision, voice, and execution of brand communications across all channels and mediums: editorial, social, email, product, display, video and print. I'm skilled in developing content strategy and brand identity—voice, style and creative direction—resulting in a clear, consistent, and recognizable brand. Equally narrative- and results-driven, I specialize in ambitious ideas that earn and keep customers' trust, engagement, and loyalty.

Services and expertise: 

    • Marketing for lifestyle and consumer brands, e-commerce and mission-driven companies
    • Leading teams (7+ years)
    • Content strategy + development 
    • Brand strategy, campaigns and messaging
    • Brand voice and style guidelines
    • Strategic partnerships 
    • Editorial strategy 
    • Creative direction
    • Consumer communications and PR strategy
    • Lifestyle content: Art, design, culture, travel, style, home and living
    • Copywriting
    • Always having the best GIFs in Slack
    • Corporate communications (white papers, ghostwriting, reports)
    • Editing, writing and copyediting
    • Social media strategy
    • SEO and data-driven content marketing
    • Data-driven strategies, Wordpress and Google Analytics
    • Influencer campaigns
    • B2B and B2C content
    • UGC content and curation
    • Sponsored content
    • Being an endless pit of ideas